Saturday, November 12, 2011

Escape from the Fake Liberals

     I just had a Facebook fight with my girlfriend. Well technically my girlfriend’s boyfriend which is the same thing. I found out what they really think of me and my new-found beliefs and I decided we should go our separates ways. I actually UN-friended them which I actually think they wanted to do a few months ago, but they didn’t have the guts.
          There is a term I’ve heard going around it’s called Fake Liberalism. I was discussing this term with a friend the other day. I jokingly told her I only have two fake liberal friends, but as of today I have none. I feel weird. I feel hurt but also relieved because the person I’ve become now doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with bullshit.
         Sure right now I’m reminiscing about the time I spent with my fake liberal girlfriend “Beth” our chats over red wine and coffee with soy milk when we would discuss things like art, fashion, music, and the latest pretentious movie director. She tells me of her belief in vegetarianism and her love for animals while she wears her leather shoes. What? Leather shoes? But she convinces me that it’s hard to make vegan shoes because there isn’t any non-animal material that is as breathable as leather. I forgive her hypocrisy after all she is my friend. She is a good person.
         I started to notice a rift in our friendship after she was diagnosed with cancer. My own health struggles have led me down the road of holistic treatments and I thought I would share because of my positive experiences. After all when I asked her how she felt about alternative therapies she said she was open to the idea. I spent hours of research and on the internet and writing e-mails to friends asking for help. When I was finished  I immediately sent her all of my findings. She sent me an e-mail back stating one of the doctors I sent her had a “history” of malpractice. What? I did my research! I know that this doctor is an osteopathic doctor who is licensed in 47 countries and all 50 states to practice allopathic medicine and surgery. He has a ton of success stories. “Show me his history of malpractice. I would gladly read it”  No reply. She all of a sudden became “busy” Was she really busy or just mad? Why was she mad? I mean I was actually going to take a look at any information she was willing to send me on him. Maybe I had overlooked something. But the fact of the matter is she never sent me anything. I had challenged her ego and she was mad but didn’t have the guts to tell me. I felt a fissure in our friendship began to form.
         I am beginning to have an annoyance for people who make bold statements or who want to shut you down about your beliefs but aren’t willing to do research themselves on certain topics. They say things like “Well there haven’t been any studies on that.”  But what they should say is “I’ve never read a study on that." Also when you present a piece of information on something they won’t consider it valid unless the person behind the information has a PhD. You know the people who I’m talking about?  The one’s who have two college degrees in something that they could have learned from an Idiots Guide Book. The ones who love animals but hate people. The one’s who think they are immune to being racist because they voted for Obama. That think they are saving the environment by wearing a global warming T-shirt or that seeing An Inconvenient Truth makes them a certified meteorologist. Or they refuse to do research on something they want to call “conspiracy theory” all the while they are writing a check to the Adopt a Turkey Foundation because they feel a little warmness in their heart because they saved a Thanksgiving turkey from being slaughtered.
         When she told me that her boyfriend adopted a turkey for her I wanted to laugh but didn’t. I decided not to judge her because after all I was a nice gesture. I thought “Wow he really loves her” What a cute thing to do for a woman who loves animals. I wasn’t sure if he believed it himself at the time.          
         Flash-forward about a year later when a video I posted of Bill Gates  at a Ted Conference and tagged a bunch of my friends in, sparked a Facebook fight. My cousin who has a vaccine-injured daughter and was in the middle of writing a book on the topic, made an Anti-Vaccine remark that rubbed my girlfriends boyfriend let’s call him Richard or Dick (Dick, Yes I like Dick much better) Anyway Dick comes in and gives his two cents about how my cousin is totally irresponsible for not vaccinating her children and calls her a “bad mother” so to speak. Enter my best-girlfriend who saw this remark. Who has a vaccine-injured child of her own. Who has at least 6 years of research behind her, blogs about her experience, and has been commissioned to write a book of her own. I mean I actually kinda felt sorry for the guy. He fucked with the wrong two people. The next morning I wake up to approximately 20 Facebook messages. I gave a phone call to my girlfriend Beth and my and my best-girlfriend hoping to smooth out the kinks. I felt guilty, after all I was the one who posted the video. I would talk to Beth and let her vent about what she called “radical people” while I secretly sided with my best-girlfriend and my cousin. Dick had no right to tell my cousin how to raise her children especially when he has none of his own and watched them regress into Autism period. I briefly made time to skim the messages noting that what he had to say was complete indoctrinated ignorance and that he contradicted himself many times. He had no idea what the heck he was talking about he just wanted to win the fight that HE started.
         Before this incident, my opinion of Dick was that of a pretty smart and caring person. It had appeared that he was a caring person. He had apparently stuck with my girlfriend Beth for about 5 years. My other girlfriends and I would talk about what a “good boyfriend” he was but now…? His responses seemed totally backward and pseudo-intellectual. The few times I talked to him in the past he seemed to be open and liberal and he even seemed to like Obama or was it just a show? Oh no could he be a fake liberal? Say it ain’t so. I mean this disease has been known to affect Californian’s and California seems to have a growing epidemic of Fake Liberalism. I decided to look at "Dr. Perry’s"list of symptoms for Fake Liberalism. 

Dr. Perry’s List of Symptoms for diagnosing Fake Liberalism

1.    Are usually vegetarians or vegans:  not because they care about animals but because it looks cool. They like to shame people for their meat-eating habits while all the while going to McDonalds and covertly ordering Fillet’O Fish sandwiches and consuming them in dark alleyways. 

2.     They voted for Obama or say they voted for Obama because it’s trendy.

3.    They hide their lack of  intellect behind long words hoping to trick you into thinking that they are smarter than they actually are. 

4.    Fake liberals are wishful thinkers and not critical thinkers: They are excellent at memorizing and regurgitating information that they heard and repeating it without learning how to decipher it. 

5.    Fake Liberals like to dish it out but they can’t take it: They like to point others out for their faults but if you do the same to them you might as well have thrown a bucket of acid on their face. In fact I think they would rather that you throw a bucket of acid in their face than admit that they are wrong. 

6.    Fake Liberals like to suffer and complain: Even if people offer them advice on how to deal with a problem they get defensive as if you called their mother a one legged whore. 

7.    Fake Liberals don’t like to solve problems: If you do something like unintentionally offend them they usually are measly and don’t have the self-respect to tell you themselves but will let the same thing keep happening and continuously complain about it or let it get to a breaking point where they get all psychotic on your ass leaving you in the dust not knowing why they are so angry with you in the first place.

8.    Fake Liberals don’t read: They say they do but they don’t DON’T BE FOOLED. They like to make stuff up as they go along. 

9.    Fake Liberals are very selfish and only care about their self-image and not what’s really going on. They talk about changing the world but they never think to change themselves.

10. Fake Liberals reach a point where they stop learning: They are extremely closed to new ideas and new paradigms. Which means they voluntary retard their mental intellectual and emotional growth. 

11.  Fake Liberals are incapable of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes   they have tunnel vision. 

12. They are self-absorbed and take things way too personally

13.  They claim to think that all humans are created equal: but when you don’t fit their preferred stereotype of how they feel you should be they are shocked and offended and find it seemingly hard to cope with their misjudgment. E.g. a Black person that reads instead of listening to rap music.  

     Oh my God! He fits all the symptoms. It’s too late. What should I do? Is Beth in danger? It’s got her too because all she ever seems to do is back and repeat whatever Dick says.
     A few says ago I wrote a note regarding bill AB499 that was signed into law that allows children to get vaccinated without their parents consent. I told people that I was giving them the information and that they could do with it what they choose. Then I provided some links below if they wanted to do more research on the topic. I knew I might be taking a risk by tagging Beth and Dick but I thought Beth has a niece and maybe Dick has someone in his family that could benefit from this information and if I don’t send this to them and something happens down the line I would feel guilty if I didn’t at least tell them about it. The worse they will do is not read it right? Soon after my post I got an angry message from Dick accusing me of being alarmist and spreading misinformation. When he didn’t even bother to read it. He also told me that I should stop sending Beth videos on curing cancer with juice. At this point I was upset because she never told me to stop sending her info on alternative methods. Anyway that was almost a year ago.  I had already stopped by now. Well excuse me if I think that radiation and chemotherapy isn’t a proper cure for cancer especially when radiation actually causes cancer and most people actually die from chemotherapy treatments before they die from the cancer themselves.
     But that’s my logic and it makes sense that we don’t see eye to eye because his logic includes adopting imaginary turkeys so of course what was I thinking? I’ve always been curious to know if their turkey writes to them.

Hello Dick and Beth,

     I am Turkey. I am Free Range. It’s sunny here. The grass is green. They haven’t’ put an axe to my neck yet. Thank you for saving my life.


I didn’t ask him. I decided not to fuel the flame. I decided it was best to UN-friend them. The fact of the matter was I was very hurt. I felt that they pretended to support my information but never told me until it got to this point. Like I said earlier Beth said she was open to the information. I would have backed off if she said she simply wasn’t interested. I’m pretty good at that. My aunt died last year and she didn’t want alternative treatment. I tried to give her some info. She wasn’t interested, and I never brought it up again end of story. She’s dead now. By the way I have never known anyone who had cancer who has used chemo and or radiation who truly beat it. I mean maybe they beat it for a while but it always comes back ALWAYS. The only people I know of who are cancer survivors and have stayed cancer free for a long time are people who took the alternative route.
     Oh and by the way, Beth is fine. They scraped some pre-cancerous cells away and she is ok. I hope she stays that way, although knowing how much she likes to suffer she still talks about having cancer as if she under went chemotherapy, lost her hair, and puked her guts out everyday. She doesn’t even seem to realize how lucky she was to only experience a week or two with the fear of the prospect of death and not having death knocking on her door. She didn’t have to suffer or anything like that so I’ve actually downgraded her cancer diagnosis to a “cancer scare” which probably will offend her because she seems to get a lot out of worrying so much.
     This incident has taught me a lot about myself. In my last message to Dick and Beth I respectfully stated that we had grown apart and declared that they wouldn’t have to worry about me tagging them in any post ever again because I was UN-friending them. I’m hurt and upset that they didn’t value my judgment and that they didn’t think that I had nothing in mind but the best intentions for her. She was my friend too. I didn’t want to loose another person to conventional cancer treatment again. I was really trying to help but their egos and their insecurity made them think otherwise.
     On the other hand I‘m relieved because the person I am now doesn’t have any interest in consorting with people like that anyway. Maybe I was being fake by maintaining the friendship a little longer than I should have. But I am free now. I have escaped from the fake liberals. I know the space they have left me with will be filled with more nutritious people along the way. One thing is for sure the rift that I felt in our friendship has gotten bigger not just with Beth, but in society as a whole. There is a great divide happening in world and people are starting to choose sides. At least I know what side they are on and I know where I stand as well.


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  1. I can tell you that my conscience is colored by my experiences. As is yours. What some people fail to use is the critical thinking process. I don't agree with all your views but I also take the time to listen, read and explore what you have to say. Why? Because if I don't check and question I am in danger of being a drone spouting what others tell me is the truth. Plus if all I see is my own point of view, then it's very two dimensional. There are so many shades of gray and not all of us have seen them. I'd rather create my own group of beliefs, based on what I have seen and experienced but I also look into what others have as well so that I may expand the possibilities. Thank you for being you, and thank you for sharing.